Welcome to Xap Edubots

XAP Edubots stimulates Academic learning in an engaging, Hands-On, Experiential and Playful Manner, Correlating it with the Age Appropriate Scientific and Technological Concepts. Our curriculum allows children to plan, investigate and implement their ideas. They develop scientific enquiry and essential life skills as they learn on their journey of discovery.

Our objective is to enable Schools to introduce these programs to students in a fun and scientific manner. We follow a systematic sessions plan and have a well-integrated curriculum as per CBSE, ICSE, International Baccalaureate And State Boards that not only encourages children to be more hands on – mind on, but also promotes practical learning of STEM (Science / Technology / Engineering & Maths) via Robotics.

"We align our programs to seamlessly merge with school education and enhance the learning process for the students."